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Is your service available at my location?

Our services are available only in selected locations with new sites being added periodically. If you would like to have Gridnet Broadband to be available at your location, please inform your apartment Building Management of your interest and we'll make arrangement with them.


How do I subscribe to your service?

Please contact our Sales Department at 0811 800 6090 or contact your Tenant Relations Officer, who will be able to provide you with more details and assist you in filling out the Registration Form.


How fast is your speed?

We have subscription plans with speeds starting from 4Mbps and above, with the choice of Shared or Dedicated Bandwidth. Please contact us for your customized needs.


What are other factors to consider in choosing an ISP besides the published speeds?

Reliability and robustness of the network are equally, if not more important than the published speed. Be wary of providers who publish high speeds connection but in reality are only achievable very seldomly, if ever. Equally important is the level of customer support, which is one of our top service commitments. 


I can't sent my email?

Please change your Outgoing POP Mail Server to smtp.maxindo.net


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